Beatriz. Brazilian. 17. Simply awesome.
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Up from Below
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The Raven
Vincent Price

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[drug dealer voice] hey kid….u want some…..oh fUCk *1000 pictures of steve buscemi fall out of jacket*

Cinnamon Girl
Type O Negative
October Rust
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Can I have you?
Can I have your morning eyes
and late night yawns?

Can I have your deep sighs
after long days of work,
and joyous laughter
from watching your
favorite shows?

Can I have your frightening
holler when you’re angry,
and your low moans when
you feel pleasure?

Can I have the tears that
streak your face when
you’re down,
and the heart that beats
within you to keep you alive?

Can I have every part of you?

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